Black Magic

If you are looking for a black magic outfit this holiday but wish to look more chic elegant than gothic, I might have the right solution for it! By adding a bit of texture and jewel details, we can brighten up your all black total look. I have selected these 2 black top and bottom from Michael Kors to pair it up together. What I love about this top are the side slits embellished with rectangular jewels. Now you don’t want to go too far on the jewels, so to even it out, let’s style it up with a pair of semi wrinkled patent skirt. The reflecting texture is another way to lighten up black, since in various directions you are able to shine light into it. If you ask me how to wear an all black outfit, this would be my pick!

Styling Tips: This season, I love the slit trend! It gives a subtle sexiness and feminity to any outfit. To finish off my black magic look,  I suggest a colored purse for a personal touch. Blue is my all time favorite color and it goes well with silver accessories.

MK_1 MK_6 MK_5 MK_4 MK_3 MK_2

look by Michael Kors | shoes by Toga