Gray Elegance in Michael Kors

If you are looking for a sleek and comfortable jet set style during winter time, a gray turtleneck knitwear with a pair of reflective aviators by Michael Kors is your style ticket to a comfy chic look. You can style it with a pair of rolled up slim cut trousers with sneakers or skinny jeans with ankle boots. It’s the best to keep everything minimal while travelling, I tend to avoid clumsy layering. Let your inner stylist complete your jet set look for new beginnings and adventures in 2016. I will let you all imagine how I styled my look, but a huge advice is to keep everything slim and fit if your upper portion is loose. Also, always give your look a pop of color to brighten up your journey.

mk_5 mk_6

For a more refined style with Gray, I would suggest felt hat and reflective Mary Janes. Keep in mind, we are still using 1 winter textured and 1 reflective element in both styles. Gray usually inspires us for a more masculine style. This time, I have added a few lady like elements to spice up the elegance. A red lip, hint of fur and a pop of pastel color along with a polkadot one piece. The red lips and pastel blue bag makes a huge differences, since it gives a source of color energy to the monotone gray without making you tired.

mk_1 mk_4 mk_21

look by Michael Kors | shoes by Miu Miu | hat by STbyOlcayGlusen