How to Style: Navy Irina Dress

When you start discovering how to wear all kinds of colors, eventually you will shift your all time classic little black dress to navy blue dresses. Since it gives out a confident vibe when comparing blue to black. We all say a little black dress can be styled with all kinds of looks. I say navy dresses can do the same too! From a sophisticated look with heels to just a pair of sneakers and sunglasses. Here I have selected a zip up and structured ruffle Irina Dress  @ unitedwood ( one of my recent discovery ) to demonstrate this week’s #howtostyle.

Look 1: Refined and Refreshed

This refined look is perfect for a dinner date to a new restaurant. You won’t be able to guess who are the new crowds, that’s why you should dress up and have fun! The structured ruffles gives a bold statement to draw attention when walking into the restaurant. Also the ruffles gives a good distraction to hide out any love handles!


Styling Tips:

  • Cape on a bright fresh short coat ( preferably without zippers) to brighten up your look
  • Add a metallic clutch to create the effortless chic vibe
  • Pendant earrings can enhance and refine your femininity
  • Have fun with you heels, go for a stripe or bold pattern ( but  remember to have touches of navy blue on it to correspond to the dress)
  • Lastly, put on your sweetest smile and you are ready for a fun night out to meet new friends

howtostyle_uw22 howtostyle_unitedwood_11 howtostyle_un6

Look 2: Button it all the way up

This way of styling is more of a preppy casual look. Seek for a button up turtle neck top to mix and match. The white turtleneck effect is a new way to style up this dress to office attire. I would say this look is great for running around to meetings on a busy day with a sneaker chic touch.


Styling Tips:

  • Button it all up if you are wearing a turtleneck shirt, stick with white! Avoid black or dark colors, it will make you look 5 years older
  • If you are not a fan of turtleneck, try a crispy white shirt with rolled up sleeves
  • Red lip is mandatory for this look, the pop of red makes your whole look sharp
  • With the red lip, a pair of tortoise sunglasses and small stud earrings can give you the right attitude ( especially when you are on the street and looking at your phone)

howtostyle_uw31 howtostyle_un8 howtostyle_unitedwoods2

Look 1: mint jacket by ZARA| Navy Irina Dress by united wood @ Harvey Nichols | Sara Crystal Bar Earrings by Twelveotwo @the 9thmuse | clutch by Kotur| shoes by Bionda Castana

Look 2: shirt by united wood @ Harvey Nichols| sequins sneaker by Hogan| sunglasses by Prada| Earrings by Twelveotwo @the 9thmuse| Lip Color by Givenchy | iPhone case @ casetify