Let Jewellery, Flowers & Fragrances tell our love story

Discovering unique gift sets for your special someone is all about the special thoughts within. Love can be like rare precious metals and natural gems combined together as a perfect match. This is also the concept of HETING’s craftsmanship on jewelries. The most beautiful part is creating special pieces of art with fire (passionate love) to combine the two together.  With brand’s concept of the mysticism, spirituality and unfurling beauty of the cosmos, HETING designs a wearable piece of art “Water Crystal of Eternity” pendant which symbolises eternal love. When there is love, there must be passion in lovers to continue their journey as a whole. Liana Floral Couture flower shows passions by using one of a kind floral arrangement for florals to speak love itself. Lastly, passionate love creates memories that can be seen, heard and also by scent. ParfumerieTresor represents lovers’ memories that can be refresh and kept. 


Lake of my Heart’: Lake Blue guilloché enamel and clear crystal pendant set in 18K White Gold

‘Water Crystal of Eternity’ pendant is a daily wearable art piece jewellery. The design captures the water crystal form when water carries the message of Eternity.


If you want additional flavor and fragrance, HETING also invites Parfumerie Tresor, Hong Kong’s first perfume boutique, to assist guests rediscover their own signature aroma, let your fragrance speak for you.


During Valentine’s promotion period, every purchase of HETING pendent will be accompanied with a stylist floral display ‘The Box’ from the celebrity floral store Liana Floral Couture.  

You can pick up the package gift set at the retail store of Parfumerie Tresor which is on G/F, No.28 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central. 


More information at:  [email protected] |  tel: 2546 0008 | HetingJewellery, Unit 1, 21/F, Wayson Commercial Building, 28 Connaught Road West, HK