Travel Office at Lloyd’s Inn

I travel to see the world, I work for a better life, I style for my passion and I enjoy them at the same time. I guess it’s a kind of living style that I have within me and has gradually build up my vision to how I see the world. During my interviews, I have been asked a few times ” why I started blogging? ” To be very honest, I started my blog just because I wanted to document my passion for styling and humbly shared it to others. It turned out more than just styling itself, this blog has taught and guided me to unique directions that I have never thought about. I started to strive for improvements  to learn, to see, to listen and most of all to share . I have been working on my new blog revamp with indicube for a while and now the blog is getting very close to relaunch. I was crazily obsessed with my new relaunch blog, I even woke up a few hours early during my stay at Lloyd’s Inn to take the advantage of their roof terrace as my temp office. The contrast of city and nature environment that morning was the perfect balance I needed. And of course my raspberries to kick off the good morning zen.

Can’t wait to share with you all the new!lloyds_innllyods_inn3 lloyds_inn2 lloyds_inn6 lloyds_inn7lloyds_inn5lloyds_inn1

Year of Monkey Goal, balance city vs nature life!