Refine your elegance in EMPHASIS JEWELLERY

What makes simple outfits eye-catching is how you highlight it with dazzling and refreshing jewelries. I have teamed up with EMPHASIS JEWELLERY to create a whole new style for modern yet elegant ladies that can shine from within. Fine Jewellery isn’t just all about the bling, for me it’s about the sophisticated and wearble designs that can enhance each women’s confidence for their everyday look. I personally hand selected a few pieces of jewellery to style around with.


Look  1: A clean and refreshing touch to LBD

Styling Tips 1: Contrast your LBD with a statement pendant to draw a focal point towards the centre. If you want to wear matching earrings, I would suggest a corresponding shape with your pendant.

Styling Tips 2: I also discovered a nice combination to add an elegant sparkle on your hands. A statement ring on your index finger and a slim palm bangle. This can let you hand look more refined and slim.


Look 2: Dazzling Flowers

Styling Tips 1: The off shoulder cut is the perfect cut to show off the Edelweiss necklace. It’s elegant flowing lines with ruffle sleeves brings your a soft youthful touch.

Styling Tips 2: You can try stacking up the dazzling flower rings to create a long statement ring or wear the separately. Keep your manicure clean and chic, avoid bright greens, purple or shocking red nail colors. 

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