Dien Chan Facial at MOHK

This week was one of the most busiest I had so far this year, back to back styling photoshoots, meetings and my pre wedding shoots. When I work hard, I must relax hard to recharge up my energy back to a balance level. That’s why I have decided to seek and try for various relaxation beauty that no only to benefit my outer appearance but bring calmness and harmony to both mind and body.  Alex Scrimgeour, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and specialist in Dien Chan facial reflexology, is back at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong from May 17 to 28, 2016 for his Dien Chan facial reflexology. It was my very first time to experience this technique to point out over 300 individual points with specific functions on face map and action on body and mind. I have to say, I was very pleased with the treatment  result which create a natural face lift, enhanced quality of sleep, the ability to combat back or neck pain and stress. Each treatment is tailored made for your personal need.


Arriving at the Mandarin Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong offers serenity and a meditative retreat in the heart of the hotel. A lovely view after a long day!


For example, my back was very stiff and heavy, Alex maps out the areas on my facial map. Then he uses facial massage techniques and tools will stimulate and open various points and clear away tension from the face and head. After treatment, I noticed an obvious light lift from your body to soul and overall balance. MOspa_5

A little tip I highly recommend, is to arrive 45 min before treatment to enjoying the spa facilities. My personal favourite is the Chinese herbal steam room.


A balanced mind and body is very important in Hong Kong! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

About Alex Scrimgeour

Alex Scrimgeour is a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist based in London, UK as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. He has a BSc. in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a diploma in Tui-Na from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. This institution is recognized as one of the best in Europe and teaches traditional acupuncture alongside a grounding in conventional physiology and medicine.

Facial Reflexology - Tools

The 60 minute Dien Chan facial reflexology treatment by Alex Scrimgeour is priced at HKD1,750 +10% service charge. For further details or reservations, please call +852 2825 4888 or email [email protected].