Couple Style : Romance at Diocletian Palace

Old Split took us back to one of the best preserved Roman remains in the world – the Diocletian Palace. At the monumental courtyard known as the Perystile, the gigantic pillars took my breathe away. I was drawn to the textured and historical stains of the luxurious palace.  Lucas and I were deeply in love with this place even just by inhaling deep breathe of fresh air with such a historical scene. The color scheme of the surroundings, we wanted to keep our style simply classy and luxury.  split7

Styling tips on her: Keep it simple and elegant, I suggest you to focus on the dress material instead of patterns. You want to blend in together with the setting instead of being the centre attention. A bit of sexiness won’t hurt, here I picked a cut of shoulder one piece dress. When you come across such a lovely atmosphere, all you want to do is to feel like you are a part of it. As for makeup and accessories, a pop of red will do the trick. This adds an extra feminine touch without overpowering your look. split_1 split2 split4 split5

Styling tips on Him: Pinstripes brings out a men’s overall taste. Since I am already wearing something light and simple, I thought it would be nice for Lucas to have something a bit more dark and eyecatching. This will create a contrast between the couples. To lighten up the look, style with a pair of light loafers instead of dressy shoes. split6split_3on him : suit and shirt by ZARA MEN  loafers by Salvatore Ferragamo ” off duty collection” | on her : dress and shoes by ZARA

Location:  Split, Croatia’s Old Town (Diocletian Palace)