new collections for the home by Hermès

Paying close attention to the finest details in your home decor is what makes it unique. In the progress of apartment hunting for a new home with my fiancé,  recently it has become our habit to spot out potential homewares  that would fit both our lifestyle and personal taste. I am extremely picky when it comes to finding the right pieces for my own home. I am not a fan of quantity buying, instead I rather spend my money on something that can be appreciated for a long period of time. Also, homeware that can be restyled in various ways without loosing it’s own design purpose. The things that I would consider are balance of materials, of shapes, sizes, proportions, uses and sensations.  I was particularly drawn to the table centre piece designs from Hermès home collection during Milan Furniture Fair 2016. _BCD4817 Sofa Sellier_BCD4572 pavillon Centre de table - Hermes Philippe Lacombe

Centres de table Equilibre d'Hermes - Hermes - Studio des fleurs

Balance is expressed on several different levels int he Équilibre d’Hermès collection of decorative objects. In carefully measured proportions, natural maple, fawn H bull calf, natural wicker and brass harmonise in pure, elementary forms. Designed to appeal to the senses and the mind, their apparent simplicity contains within it both the mathematical precision of drawing and the skill of the artisans who made them. 

Centre de table et coupes en laque - Hermes - Studio des fleursThis collection of table centrepieces and boxes uses a lacquer technique originating in Japan. Layers of lacquer are applied overa darker undercoat, which reappears in an extremely subtle fashion at each rim, creating a delicate two-tone effect. The silky lacquer blurs the distinction between the centrepieces’ different components, giving them the appearance of having been sculpted rather than assembled.