Shiseido is Red

A warm invitation from Shiseido upon my arrival to Tokyo for their launch of Rouge Rouge collection was a great delight for me to explore what’s behind Shiseido Red. It has come to my knowledge that the Shisedo’s Spirit was first founded in Ginza, Tokyo 1872  and continues till now to have a strong belief on rich, human science and hospitality. Throughout this trip, I had a personal insight on how Shiseido introduces their new Rouge Rouge lip collection which can be applied physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sensibilities. The 16 colours of extraordinary spectrum of reds can be an unforgettable red for everyone. As a fashion stylist/image consultant, I am always on the look for new beauty items that can enhance anyone instead of just the models. shiseido_4There were three keys places we visited, first Shiseido’s head office to explore the brand’s DNA and presentation of new Rouge Rouge collection. The second stop was Shiseido’s unique Ginza flagship building to experience their salon makeover service  and lastly the launch party for Rouge Rouge collection. shiseido_10shiseido_1shiseido_7_L6A6721shiseido_6shiseido_2shiseido_11_L6A6320I was extra excited to experience Shiseido Dressing Table, Beauty Boost Bar and Photo Studio. It was like a mini make over with the pro Shiseido team to enhance your existing beauty and capturing it in a photo. After a short personal consultation, I was ready for a beauty boost before a mini photo shoot session. The process of this beauty styling can really build ones confidence physically and mentally by knowing what’s your unique beauty. That’s why earlier in the post, I mentioned Shiseido’s spirit was not just it’s outlook or product. Took a few snapshot to give you all an idea of the experience. _L6A6481shiseido_8shiseido_5 shiseidoshiseido_13Lastly we ended the night with Rouge Rouge launch party where Shiseido is Red colour theme.  shiseido_14shiseido_12shiseido_15