Cocoon Bridal × Vnikali

Been waiting for the perfect timing to give you all an idea of my wedding dress for the big day. Many may ask which designer will you be wearing down the isle? My answer surprised most of my friends, since I told them I am not too obsessed in picking branded gowns for the big day. Instead, my vision for the big day is a simple white wedding gowns that flatters the best side of me. I decided to team up with cocoon bridal to create my very own wedding dresses instead of renting or buying. Throughout the “made to measure” experience, I shared my vision and ideas for their reference to understand what I liked and disliked. Then we thoughtful compared various materials to enhance the designs. Lastly ( the most important part for me), is tailor made adjustments to my body to the wedding gowns. In my personal experience, fitting is the most important step to feel confident from within. You need to own your wedding dress instead of the dress owning you. Here is a video we did to give you guys a taste of my wedding dresses experience with cocoon bridal.

Can’t wait to show you my pre wedding photos and wedding gowns!