What’s inside my Calvin Klein Platinum Flared Small Satchel

At newly opened Calvin Klein accessories shop inside IFC mall you will notice pops of colours while passing by. Inside the shop you can feel Calvin Klein’s design aesthetics always echoed modern, sophisticated, sexy, clean and minimal. What caught my attention during my shop visit was the modern sleek colours that drew my attention to take a closer look to see if I knew this colour or not. To extend the colours curiosity, Calvin Klein’s shop window showcased Ben Cullen William’s installation art ” Sliced Vessels”, where 3 bold coloured hallow metals looked identical the same on the outside if you look at it from a side perspective. It was a honour to meet Ben Cullen William in person at the shop opening last week , where he explained his concept of this installation was to see things not just from the outside. The art of  the installation was to imagine what was in the inner core and how the two contrast of lights, colours and form can project various moods. ck_5ck_4

As mentioned earlier in the post, I was drawn by the minimal yet sleek designs combined with modern colours. In the latest CALVIN KLEIN PLATINUM collection, I selected ” Flared Small Satchel with Chain” from as vnikali’s pick. The shiny silver against alpine green adds a frost touch to the exotic snake leather texture. The best part is the interior of the handbag, where I can fit my camera, leather case, phone, glasses, keys and few of my favourite “to go” make up.

ck_2ck_1 ck_3 ck_6

Shop Location : Calvin Klein Accesories IFC mall shop 1036  | shop photos and event photos by Calvin Klein Platinum