Runway to My way : Gucci FW16 Look 33

Midi skirts has always been my signature piece and it’s time to start reinventing more stylish looks with it. This season, Gucci’s runway collection has inspired me in so many different ways on how to style midi skirts with all various layering pieces. From oversize puff sleeve sweaters to clashing bold knit sweaters. For this #runwaytomyway post, I picked Look 33 to mix and match it with my personal wardrobe. The military fur sleeve jacket creates a whole new vibe to midi skirt pairing, I love how the fur sleeve adds a bit of luxury touch against the graffiti art on the back. You can say it’s a perfect balance of street style chic with a feminine twist. 

How to style Gucci FW16/17 look 33 ?

On the runway look, you will notice the model is wearing a white top with green stockings. This might be a bit hard to pull off for petite girls without look too clumsy and colourful.  I would recommend a metallic coloured top that has similar colour tones to the midi skirt to create an illusion of an one piece dress. This helps slender your body proportion to give your upper body a bit more volume with the wide midi skirt. In this way, the top and bottom colours are in harmony. Lastly, accessories with a statement necklace and purse for an extra punch to the outfit.

Outfit by Gucci | Sunglasses by Gentle Monster| Top by Stradivarius | Shoes by Jimmy Choo | Photography by Lucas Cheung