2016 #omegahertime self reflection

2016 had been the most incredible and unforgetable year for me. It was mostly ups rather than downs, I had stepped into a whole new chapter in life. I am proudly to share with you all, I used and spent my time very wisely to have the perfect balance of work, family and personal space. It was a year I had a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish and saw the end results. One of the most memorable collaboration I did this year was  Omega’s #omegaher time, where I documented my week on how I spent my time. The biggest self reflection after this project was to spend my time wisely without any doubts. If this project lasted for 1 year, I would be very curious to look back on how I spent everyday.  In 2017, I don’t have any special ” New Years Resolution” because I know if I don’t know how to spend my time wisely, nothing can be accomplished. The one thing I would tell myself is spend time in ways that make me be a better person.

Here are a 3 pointers to continue my #omegahertime :

Spend your time with the right people 

Spend your time on the right activities that makes you feel alive inside out 

Enjoy the experience without spending the time

Here are some moments to share with you all. Hope this post will inspire you to think how you should spend your time in 2017 wisely. 

Starting my week, currently working on their FW17 styling look. The day to be back at my passion. Let’s decide on what to do with the time we have for this week. @OMEGA  #timetobeproductive#OMEGAAquaTerraLadies

On set filming live for a beauty sharing at the wonderful scenery Repulse Bay. Timing myself with Ladymatic for 20 min to interact with my readers. @OMEGA#OMEGALadymatic #OMEGAHerTime

Out and around Tsim Sha Tsui area for meetings, quick stop for an #ootd snap. Stripe on stripe kind of day, where creating timeless elegant looks that has strong and soft at the same moment. @OMEGA#omegahertime #timelessstyle#omegamychoice#OMEGAAquaTerraLadies

Saturdays has been our wedding planning day, this week we are at Portside site seeing to confirm our wedding decorations. We plan the seeds of our future. @OMEGA #timetoplanthefuture#OMEGAPrestigeDewdrop

The desire to reach for the light that shines from within. Capturing a beautiful moment in a photo to share and inspire through vision. @OMEGA #timetocapture #OMEGAPlanetOcean

A short trip to Artron Art Centre in China to see the Artron Reading Travel Exhibition. Especially drawn to the timeless photographies and biographies. @OMEGA#omegahertime #omegamychoice