HomeAway in Taipei

Less than one month after our honeymoon at Barcelona ( which I will be sharing very soon too) ,  Lucas and I were off to another destination to give our blessings to my dear childhood friend for her big day. Instead of booking at hotel room, we wanted to try something new as newlyweds. It’s a great habit to train each other how to keep and be tidy while still on vacations. Of course, our ultimate goal was to find a rental vacation place that was convenient yet able to create amazing memorises during our stay. Looking through HomeAway we spotted a few nice places that were very close to my friend’s wedding venue which was in city centre. We ended up staying at an elegant yet cozy apartment that was in between the vibrant city around Taipei 101 and a few blocks away from local neighbourhood. Here is a few things that I really enjoyed during my stay HomeAway in Taipei. This was our view from the bathroom window, during the night time you are able to seeing Taipei 101 glowing while you take a warm bath. I had a super comfortable sleep during my 4 day 3 night stay at our apartment, it was very peaceful during the night time even though we lived in city centre. This is very important to me, since I find it very hard to sleep well while I am away from my own bed at home. The overall feeling of the room was clean and good furnish. There was enough space beside the bed to put all my make up and skin care routine too!  The rooftop at the apartment was our perfect place to just relax and enjoy the magnificent view of Taipei. While we were worrying where to take our @holdonto_ , HomeAway solved our problem! Even sharing our time at rooftop now, I can still recall how silly and fun we were. You can tell by the pictures.  A great place to get ready together feeling like you are still at home, without fighting over the mirror for final touches. We were extremely happy to check out ourselves together before heading out. This actually inspired us to make a full size mirror for our future home too! It’s always nice to check out other apartments during vacations so you can have a trial on how it’s like if it’s applied into your own home.  There are many places that is walking distance  ( 20 to 30 min) from our apartment, we went to National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall for our 2nd @holdonto_! Lastly, we did have a lazy time where we just stayed in for a movie. Our host Bobby, was very nice to install lots of tv channels for us to enjoy a wide selection of movies. We ended up watching Alaska, a fall in love at first sight dramatic love story , the 2 main character suffers from a series to test their fate.

For more information on where HomeAway please check out : http://www.homeaway.hk 

I am starting to look at my next vacation in Australia with HomeAway! Let’s see!