Summer refreshment with Leggero on Ice

Standing on my balcony at home enjoying my summer refreshment, especially on a hot summer day when I am craving for a glass of iced coffee. Just too hot to go anywhere. These two Limited Edition capsules specifically crafted for Iced Coffee can be made at home easily! Ultra-refreshing and each limited edition capsule only costs $6.7 hkd! This is actually my first time trying to make a lemonade iced coffee. It’s refreshed yet gives a bubbly aftertaste of Leggero’s fruity-lemony flavour. 


— Ice
— ¼ Lime Wedge
— Lemonade
— 1 Leggero On Ice Capsule

How to make it:

Simply use ¼ of lime wedge and squeeze lime juice into half a glass of  sprite or 7Up, then add ice into glass. Use either Inteso or Leggero capsule in 40ml (small icon) to layer it the top of the lemonade. Drink it while it’s nice and cool! Enjoy!