summer refreshment with Leggero on Ice

Standing on my balcony at home enjoying my summer refreshment, especially on a hot summer day when I am craving for a glass of iced coffee. Just too hot to go anywhere. These two Limited Edition capsules specifically crafted for Iced Coffee can be made at home easily! Ultra-refreshing and each limited edition capsule only costs $6.7 hkd! This is actually my first time trying to make a lemonade iced coffee. It’s refreshed yet gives a bubbly aftertaste of Leggero’s fruity-lemony flavour. 

Recipe :


1/4 Lime Wedge


1 Leggero On Ice Capsule

How to make it : Simply use 1/4 of lime wedge and squeeze lime juice into half a glass of  sprite or 7 up, then add ice into glass. Use either Inteso or Leggero capsule in 40 ml ( small icon) to layer it the top of the lemonade. Drink it while it’s nice and cool! Enjoy!