Runway to my way: Gucci Pre Fall Look 57

This week’s #runwaytomyway we have a special guest Charles Lam. Inspired how Alessandro Michele‘s adds in new elements in every chapter of his collection, Charles and I might be off to starting a new chapter in our career, but first comes our characters then into the plot.  Let’s start with …. Kindness and manners should be worn in a set like Gucci’s Pre Fall 2017 womenswear Look 57. Kindness doesn’t mean you need to smile 24/7 or trying to please everyone around you. It’s the considerate thought and actions that brings kindness from within. Do you choose to open the door for someone first or just run our yourself? Do you not respect other’s space in a quiet environment?  No matter how well dressed you are but if your manners don’t align with your decent look then there is no point in inspiring others just by the looks. That’s how Charles and I first met, it was the kindness and manners that encouraged us to greet each other out of the blues. As Clarence Thomas said “Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”

On her: Gucci Pre Fall look 57 On him: Gucci Pre Fall
Photography: Gary