How to Style – Twin Set + Blouse

Summer temperatures in Hong Kong can pretty dramatic, from crazy stuffy humid to icy cold air conditions. My mom or husband will usually nag me to bring a cardigan or scarf just in case I get too cold indoors. Not sure why, but I usually feel less stylish with the additional cardigan or scarf. That’s why this time for #Howtostyle my team and  I came up with a few styling tips to layer your summer twin set by with blouses for that extra functional yet chic effect.

Outfit #1 Tips:

  1. Tone down the sweet look with the dark color accessories and lipstick color to balance your whole look.
  2. Trendy white ruffles sleeves not only help you look flirty, but cover your shoulder/arms
  3. Don’t forget to make your waistline for a better body proportion. instead of belt, add waits bag to make your look one step closer to trendy chic
  4. Be playful – match your look with tribal pattern heels to make a statement!

Outfit #2 Tips:

  1. Button the third to last button on your blouse and lie a loose high knot which can elongate your torso. Top it off with rolled cuffs and your outfit is read to go: comfortable, yet chic!
  2. Spice up this look by drawing some attention to your upper torso by wearing statement earrings. The ones I picked out are a darker shade of pink which adds a pop of color while staying within the color scheme that I chose.
  3. Keep this sweet and flirty look casual by carrying a large basket bag that can not only carry snacks for a quick weekend picnic, but it can also hold a change of clothes in case you want to amp up your versatile outfit for date night!
  4. Keep your makeup simple and sophisticated with a black cat eye, some blush, and a bright pink lip to compliment your statement earrings.


Outfit 1 : Twin Set by Sandro| blouse by Sandro| bag by Sandro | shoes by stella luna

Outfit 2: Twin Set by Sandro | shirt by Claudie Pierlot| Shoes by Hogan | bag by Crew

#vnikaliteam: Art Direction + Photographer + Styling  by Risa and Vincy