4 must have items from La Prairie Skin Caviar Collection

What I love about  La Prairie Skin Caviar Collection is it soothes, calms and provides anti-oxidant protection from the environment I live in.  I believe that skin also needs to be taken care of in a luxury way for it age ( ageing is a reality, we just need to face it and take good care of our skin)  gracefully. Here are 4 items I would recommend for anyone who wants to try the Skin Caviar collection and are my person favourites.  
1. Skin Caviar Essence in Lotion

After a long day of shooting or after a night of drinking at an event, this is the very first step in my skin care routine to repair the damage I might have done to my skin during the day. It helps to hydrate and revitalize my skin, plus it smells absolutely wonderful!

Tips: After any toner, gently pat essence onto face ( instead of using a cotton pad) from checks to forehand and chin. I like to use the remains onto my neck too.  

2.Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation

My favorite thing about this product is how flawless I look when wearing it. It not only supports my skin’s firmness and elasticity, it also has SPF in it to protect my skin from the harmful sun. The design of having the concealer and foundation in one package helps to keep me organised when I am trying to cover up my under-eye darkness or just looking to touch up my foundation. Not to miss, you are nourishing your skin with caviar while putting make up on. ( how good is that? ) 

Tips: I will skip the powder step for this foundation, since it gives skin a sheer glow. For an extra coverage, you can blend the concealer with foundation for a thick cover up to skin. 

3. Skin Caviar Absolute Filler

The newest lotion, not only because of the unique design where you press the small indented button to have the lotion presented in front of the surface of the elegant container, but it also has an extremely light touch that makes me feel like it is not even there. This is the perfect product for when I have to wear heavy makeup for shoots or events. It gives skin’s fullness and refined contours in just a small amount.

Tips: Since the lotion is so light, I like to apply is AM/PM after all my skincare steps. Never miss the next because that area needs to be firm and volumed too. I like to use 2 fingertips in just one plumped of lotion without wasting any lotion. 

4.Skin Caviar Instant Mini Lift

This product is an absolute must in my luxury beauty routine. It beautifies, firms, and retexturize my skin and acts an extraordinary form of concentrated skincare. The emollients in caviar-like beads combines energising vitamins and humectants to leave skin luminous, radiant and firm.

Tips: Enjoy the process of skin caviar moment in the skincare routine at night before having your beauty sleep. It comes with a little spoon to scoop them out and clothes with a cheese cloth like texture for you to apply with. You squeeze the “caviar” in the cheese cloth to break them open and they release a serum like juice, you then rub the cloth on your face and apply the serum. It makes your face feel amazing.  

Indulge you skin with Caviar everyday and night.