La Prairie in another angle at Art Basel

When it comes to discovering an unique kind of beauty, it revolves the appreciation of Art and Culture. Switzerland is well known for it’s tasteful quality of living style, I have travelled with La Prairie to experience the fine relationship between beauty, art and innovation for a long lasting beauty aesthetics.

To many, luxury beauty is suitable for ladies who are in their late 30s and above when they feel the need to nourish skin from ageing. If you only look at it from the surface of your skin for this action, it might be short term improvement. As I am in my late 20s and going into 30s ( YIKES !), I start to realised skin should be prevented from anti ageing instead of waiting it to age then you do something about it.  It’s not as simple as buying a jar of expensive cream when everyone tells you it’s the best.

An intellectual woman, will understand a brand’s story and mission before using in any skincare product. Before getting to know more about La Prairie, I was also a bit shy to step into their luxury shop decors. I am here to tell you a few things that will make you see La Prairie in another angle. The brand was created in Montreux, Switzerland in the 1930s by a doctor who believed that a combination of science and precious ingredients could unlock the fountain of youth. By unlocking our fountain of youth inside out, the harmony of art, travelling well and values. 

Being the first to try out , the La Prairie Skin Caviar Absolute Filler  day and night cream at The Dolder Grand. Where their Spa provides a variety of La Prairie product treatments giving you the full experience of Switzerland beauty wellness.  During my trip to Art Basel this year from June 12-19, 2017, I was able to open my eyes to see far more artwork compared to Art Basel in Hong Kong. Also I can feel  the partnership with Art Basel and La Prairie  shows that the brand takes high appreciation and value in Art.
 At my visit to Art Basel, it was a pleasure to meet Patrick Rasquinet, President and CEO of the La Prairie Group.  He shared his vision of La Prairie being the top luxury brand that gives customers an experience beyond a box skincare. The moment you step into the new store concept, you can feel contemporary aesthetic movements through a pristine elegance pays homage to the beauty and timelessness. When step into La Prairie, you have already made a luxury of choice.
In the celebration of The Art of Caviar. Throughout 2017, five pieces of contemporary art commissioned Paris (July 4), New York (September 6-8), Hong Kong (Sept. 29-Oct 1), and Shanghai (November 10-12), where visitors will be able to interact with La Prairie’s caviar as interpreted through different artistic mediums like photography, audio-visuals, and sculpture. At Art Basel, I was able to meet Paul Coudamy, the Artist behind ” Living Cells”. Where he was inspired by La Prairie’s new product Absolute Filler. In the use of the volume and forms of Caviar.
Here are some other artwork from Art Basel they caught my attention with pops of blue. Since La Prairie’s blue has mounted in my mind as a brand colour and also my favourite colour at all times. I have trained my mind to appreciate beautiful forms and see thing in the perspective of beauty.
To end my trip with a whole new experience on how to appreciate Caviar. My eyes dropped when I saw the massive can of Caviar presented at the 30th Anniversary dinner. Now I know the correct way to taste the precious key ingredients of La Prairie.
Leaving this trip with full of curiosity of how to continually maintaining the Art of Beauty inside out. It’s an on going aesthetic that cannot be done at once, but to keep discovering and learning about it. La Prairie has really drawn my attention to explore more from every dimension to achieve the kind of Art Beauty with innovative mindset. To learn more, check out my 4 must have from Caviar Collection.