Interview with Jacqueline Hill and Paul Coudamy about volume of art

Volume in art is essential to that aesthetic harmony, skin volume ensures youthful, harmonious facial contours. Let’s see how Jacqueline Hill and Paul Coudamy thinks about it? 1. How do you strive between luxury, creativity and technologies when you develop
a new products for younger generations.

We need to think about how we can help our consumer see results on the money they spend. La Prairie is a brand that strives to offer women the best gift of all which is time. Every time we want to create products that fights against the problems we are surrounded, such as pollution, mental stress and anti-aging. The science and technology is what we are proud of and how it’s more advance than other luxury brands.

2. In a polluted, fast pace and stressful environment ( especially in Asia), in a skin care specialist expert angle what is essential to fight against aging gracefully ( plastic surgery free).

A woman that is happy brings so much energy to skin. What makes your skin age is the gravity and the amount of stress you put yourself into that causes the skin sag downwards. In any age, I think volume is very important in skin, it gives a harmony of youth.The new “Caviar Absolute Filler” is  design to target the loss volume and substance that gives skin its youthful appearance. We want woman to have the trust in our products, almost like we have already take further for their skincare routines.

What is your creative process of ” Living Cells”? 

While I have made up my mind on the concept of magnetic sphere volume, I wanted to dig deeper into the science side of La Prairie. Instead of a drawing, I researched many formulas and find out mathematic forms  which stick together to create  all kinds form. This was a great tie to La Prairie’s organisation to strike a perfect balance of organic and science. The white structure of this installation cannot be changed in shape but the metallic spheres can be experiment in all kinds new ways.

Noticed most of your work include elegantly mixing functionality and aesthetics. How did you come up with this concept, does it apply to all your work?

It’s so important experiment in all my creations in order to have new designs. I am always inspired by the nature, I like being close to nature closely observe it’s the organic form. For this ” Living Cells” collaboration, I was really inspired by the sphere of caviar. As you noticed, there is never only 1 sphere of caviar. It’s always in mass and volume, the magnetics bond together or transform in to various forms of volume like a clay.

La Prairie well known for it’s timeless aesthetics, how does your work strive a balance between timeless and contemporary?

Its all about creation and art, to have complete freedom to to anything I want.  What drew my interest in collaborating with La Prairie is the concept of the brand of Swissness, Luxury and the science behind it. I think craftsmanship is the key thing to make anything timeless and contemporary. Then you add in your personal touches to make the artwork striking.