For my Precious Commitment – 1st Anniversary!

Time flies, today is the last day of Oct 2017 and I am too excited for November. Every one says February is the month of love, but for Lucas and I November is our month of love. To celebrate our almost 1 year anniversary, I have teamed up with Chow Sang Sang to share with you all some of my insights of marriage and commitment. Here is an interview I did for Chow Sang Sang Wedding Campaign. 

1. Your 1
st anniversary is coming soon on Nov 11! Congratulations! How do you feel so far at your first year of marriage?

We love it! Although we have been together for 10 years, we haven’t lived together before and this was our 1st year to really enjoy the “real” couple life.  The most important thing in a marriage for Lucas and I is to listen to what each other needs and the willingness to support each other.

We take our marriage and commitment very serious. We love to make our own living style and adjust our habits together. The first year of marriage is very fragile because there are a lot of changes and compromises in order to keep a healthy relationship. It’s a life-long promise to each other. I am proud to say our first year wis doing pretty good so far. I guess Lucas is stuck with me for the rest of his life! Haha.

2. Can you share some precious sweet moments between you and your husband?

So many sweet moments to share! One thing I really appreciate after getting married is that he will prepare fruits for me at night after dinner. My dad used to do so at home as a gesture to show his appreciation to my mom after she made dinner for us. Lucas knew how much I love that feeling, so eventually he started doing the same to me. When he passes me the fruit, I see a special shine and glow of him.

3. What is the biggest change after getting married?

I learn to be more committed in our relationship. To make precious moments for us, for example, I’ll wake up 6am to make breakfast for Lucas. It motivates me to start the day right and create positive energy before he leaves for work. Also, I become less self-oriented, of which I now put “us” instead of “me”. I try to keep a good balance of the time of us two, friends and families of both sides. It does take a lot of planning because we want everyone to be happy. 

4. What is the most brilliant moment of your husband to you?

I still remember the moment in our wedding –  He is waiting for me at the end of the church isle, in his long tuxedo. To me, the way he looked at me is the most brilliant moment.

5. What kind of accessories do you like to wear most?

I love earrings, especially with my current hairstyle. Earrings with a bit of dangle are my favorite, just like the gold agate earrings I am wearing in this shoot ~

6. As a stylist, what are your tips of mix and match with jewellery and clothes?

Diamond is so versatile than can be styled from causal to formal. I usually look for diamonds with “Supreme Ideal Cut” so they can shine in every angle. If you are looking for a more outstanding look, I recommend wearing a top with a more dramatic neckline. This will make the diamonds stand out and highlight your shoulders and collar bones. 

I also like gold jewellery and I find the g* Collection of Chow Sang Sang very modern. It’s suitable for golden age of metropolitan women. I would suggest styling them in warm colour tone. The warm color tone such as red, coral or yellow will give you good colour harmony. I would avoid gold and bright pink combination personally.

(On me)

Look (1)

Chow Sang Sang Infini Love Diamond ‘Bridal Collection’ Platinum diamond ring with pink diamond; Chow Sang Sang Infini Love Diamond ‘Bridal Collection’ Platinum Diamond Earrings

Look (2)

Chow Sang Sang g* Collection 999.9 Gold Agate Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, and Ring

Photography by Tai Chi