what’s your sweetie bracelets with charms?

Links of London harms can captivate a kind of meaning that will encourage my mindset to live the life I want. To make it my unique sweetie bracelet I have hand picked 3 charms as my direction for my new age. When it comes to picking charms I select charms that have quality and design to fit in my daily wardrobe. I tend to mix silver and gold together so it can go well with any of my outfits. First charm is ” Sterling Silver & 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil Slim Cross Charm ” that constantly reminds me to have faith in God and myself.  The 2nd charm I picked is “Amulet 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Self Discovery Charm” that never forget to have Self Discovery, Be authentic and confidence. Last but least ” Sterling Silver L Charm” to live lively , love Lucas and most of all not to forget my family name ” Li”.