#OMEGAHerTime Paris

#OMEGAHerTime travels from Milan, Moscow and China, which displays an evolutions of women’s timepieces and changing style. When we are able to bring  time and style in equal measure, that means we have not wasted any of our time. I used to keep thinking aboutme time” equals ” her time”meaning that I just like to being alone and having moments by myself that would give me a whole lot of time.  Let’s all ask ourselves a question,  If you were able to capsule your time to inspired others what would it be? Reflecting my 2017, I have travelled  and spent a fair of amount of “me time” but not really a “her time” to really inspire. Time is precious when you have mapped it out in the directions that you are walk into and figure out the paths that can lead others in a healthy way to live better and be a better self. This is why OMEGA Her Time exhibition inspired me to rethink what my capsule of ” her time” will be like. It’s very interesting to see how styles and problem solve keeps looping in time.

The “Her Time” exhibition happened at  Hôtel de Sully where it showcased early Lèpine pendants, the iconic Ladymatic and “secret jewellery watches” in the exhibition , where I learned that  it was considered to be rude for ladies to look at their watches back then.

If you want to check out the exhibition . I know in New York,  The OMEGA boutique itself is inspired by OMEGA’s recent “Her Time” exhibition :  711, Fifth Avenue in New York and will remain until the end of March 2018.

Always a pleasure to see Omega CEO, Raynald Aeschlimann.