Fresh minty stripes and florals

A combination of baby blue stripes and mint florals for a fresh sorbet feel this Spring. We all have our preference in colors when it comes to looking refreshed and youthful. A few of my friends that loves nude pink and beige as their youthful colours and some like to stick with white. I personally love baby blue and mint as a youthful look, I like to combine it with stripes and floral for classic twist. For this Tommy Hilfiger spring collection look,  style it with an oversized reflective sunglasses for a glamours touch. I love how the shirt dress has subtle silk ruffle a the bottom that flows while  walking. Throw on a pair of sneakers and you are ready for a Spring Break!

Styling Tip: I would suggest a similar pattern cardigan/sweater to tie on waist to create a one piece illusion. You don’t want to cut your waistline with a solid color. Fold the cardigan/sweater in 1/4 portion instead of half because you want it to cover your whole bottom area. This will look more flatter at the back instead of have bits of fabric hanging out. 

Sunglasses by Linda Farrow | Dress and Cardigan by Tommy Hilfiger | Earrings by Baulabear