Longines HKIR 2017

It’s my second time attending Longines Hong Kong International Races 2017, I still recall last year around the same time I was at Happy Valley Racecourse. The atmosphere was a bit different since it happened during the night time. If you don’t remember my last look, here is a quick link to see what I wore last year. Unlike this year, I dared to shine with an elegance attitude with a full metallic pleaded top and dress. Inspired by the reflection light against Longines Record Watch with sapphire crystal, my style for this occasion was full on elegant grey tone. At Sha Tin’s Racecourse, it felt like I wasn’t in Hong Kong that afternoon. The greenery scene of the racecouse is a magnificent view to zoom out from the city life and enjoy the overall atmosphere of the races. There is always a turning point to horse racing, nothing is final until you reach the finish line. Even a slight second you still need to keep trying till the end. Holding on to this kind of mentality can motivate you to realise you are more strong than you think. Lastly, do it with elegance and humble heart.