DFS Exclusive : Trips & Tips

Travelling is something I find excitement every time, even to places I have been before. Since every time the journey brings new adventures and experience. We always have our purpose to travel, no matter if its for leisure, business or just to get lost in the world. Most of the time it’s work for me but I do know how to make the best out of it every time to stay recharge and refresh when I am back to Hong Kong. I am proud to share with you all my latest exclusive interview with https://www.dfs.com/en/hong-kong on my ” Trips & Travel”.  Do check it out if you want to see what are some of my beauty tips and travel places in Hong Kong. In this series ” Trips & Travel”, you can also read some of the most influential icons in the fashion & travel industry. Cindy Crawford, Tory Burch, Michael Kors to name a few for their ” Trips & Travel”.