mood booster

Everyone has their own date or time for a New Year resolution, some maybe their own birthday,  majority  count the New Years on January 1st or in different culture there is a certain time for New Years. Last week was Chinese New Years, where a new animal zodiac is born . I think this is my last excuse for a New Year start because I cannot think of any other “NEW” dates for me this year. Apparently this year is not a great year for Dragon, but you know what? To all the Dragons out there, don’t put it in your mind and focus on what’s worth doing. Spend time to improve on details instead of worrying what’s the next ” bad or unlucky” thing that will happen to you. It’s just a waste of time and energy that will get you no where. If there is a moment that you feel things are just not going to the right way, never lose faith in yourself. Take the chance to just rest a day to step back and recharge your energy. A good idea to boost up the mood is to wear something bright with gold stars. If you are looking for an outfit inspiration, maybe this look will give you an idea to stalk up something colourful with stars.

Jumpsuit by StevieMay BryonBay|  Top by ASOS| Earrings by KATERINA MAKRIYIANNI| Flats and bag by Dior |Photography by Melly @