The colours of world iconic Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab from Jumeirah group a is well known for the sailed ship shape from the outside and the 5th tallest hotel in the world,  but how often do we know what the inside looks like. To kick off the New Years of 2019, I spent my countdown in Dubai to experience extravaganza interior of Burj Al Arab that will take your breathe away because in every dimension you would want to take an instagram worthy photo to share your more that 5 star experience. Here are a few tips and tricks I will share with you all in selecting the right colours to make yourself pop up from the vibrant decors of restaurants, hotel rooms and wellness. I was personally drawn to the balance and colour combination, which inspired me to packed coral and bright tones. Why? Here is a few must take photo places. I found my colour mood for this trip inside my bedroom where is warm golden turquoise along with my bright colourful dresses which everyone was very inspired.

Location 1 ( Bright Coral Orange against Gold) :  Nathan Outlaw At Al Mahara –  Imagine yourself in an underwater feel thanks to a wall-to-ceiling aquarium. A finding nemo orange will create a centre of attention when walking into the golden tunnel into the aquarium like restaurant. I would suggest a coral orange maxi dress to flow again the aquarium background. An asymmetrical shoulder will have a goddess effect.  Location 2 ( Royal Blue against Sequins Yellow) : My living room in deluxe one bedroom suite, where it makes me feel like I am in a Royal Palace.  The Ralph Lauren halter sequins dress blend complements the bright cushion and royal blue. Strike a pose and you will feel like the lady of the room~
Location 3 ( Aqua Turquoise again peach orange) :  Talise  Spa Pool , one of a kind sky high ceiling with sophisticated tile columns . These refresh colours will go create with any warm colours with a nice contrast. Here I also picked a peachy orange Hermes one piece swimsuit for the timeless effect. It’s all about the balance and composition.