Marvellous Coat around Penta Moscow

The first thing that came to my mind while packing to my trip to Penta Moscow was how to look chic in layers of coats under the -20 degree. As you know, whenever I travel, I love to go to iconic location and hotel interiors for the perfect instagram photo to inspire stylish travellers. The convenient location of the hotel was a bonus for me to be able to navigate around Kremlin, Bolshoi Theatre and Red Square. For this trip, I brought cashmere coats and down jackets shoot inside and outside hotel area.

Getting prepare to go around Penta Moscow area to seek for the good location, I did my planning right on the wall inside the hotel room to have an approximate distance from hotel. I find it so handy and able to multitask while figuring out my wardrobe of the day. Within 10 min ride, I was so excited to see the Red Square. For this look, I styled it with a brown long duffel jacket by Moncler to sort of blend in with the brick red building. After that I went back to the hotel for a quick change to the next location. But before heading out , I was so eager to do an outfit shoot at the entrance since it was modern with the luxury marble. My pale dusty pink coat was in harmony. After a whole day tour, I just went back to the hotel and did some reading. A simple cashmere long coat will keep my cozy and stylish . I enjoyed the luxury of #metime at the signature Pentalounge. The atmosphere and vibes was perfect to stay in a few hours with some hot latte on the side. I don’t think I have focused on reading for a very long time!

Coat list:
Floral Jacket: Moncler
Nude Pink: MaxMara
Dark Brown : Moncler
White Jacket: Equil @ Lane Crawford

pentahotel Moscow, Arbat
15 Novy Arbat Avenue · 119019, Moscow · Russia