Press Reset Tonight with Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate

Every night we have the choice to go out or stay in at night to end the day. Let’s just say the night is yours, there are no certain rules on how to make your night magic. I tend to be “staying in” kind of girl to read a book and pamper myself after a long day. My biggest concern is always getting the beauty rest for skin inside out, especially when my skin can be irritated and stressed from traveling. This time I am in Milan with Estée Lauder to be the first few to witness the launch of  Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate , also to understand that skin has a natural, synchronized circadian rhythm – repairing itself at night and protecting itself by day. There are times when my skin gets very irritated by the lack of rest, environment or sun exposure. I would say this is the time when my skin loses its rhythm circle to maintain skin at it’s best shape. When my skin starts to feel a slight itch, burn or uneven bumps that trigger deeper stress in my body. The more I worry the less skin will have the chance to recover in calm status.  The Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate’s Patented, Stabilized Salicylic Acid, and Resveratrol are fused in an innovated way to help anti-irritation effect.  It’s like an S.O.S technology to rescue and reset the look of irritated and stressed skin fast.

Applying a very thin layer on irritated area, it is recommended to be used at night after repair serum when skin feels it’s acting up. It can be for a few days in a row, one week a month, a few weeks when seasons change. It really depends on how your skin condition reacts with Hyaluronic Acid & Anti- Pollution Anti-Oxidants. In an average of 95% out of 257 consumer testing, women share the immediate result can be skin feels more comfortable, hydrated and soothed.