TOD’s classic modernity of clean lines and high-quality SS20

Leather is not a very common material to think of for SS20. TOD’s SS20 brings us beyond leather as a texture where expert hands of skilled artisan use unique craftsmanship to create cosmopolitan products . In the front row access, I was so amazed with TOD’s leather story that brings us to a whole new dimension. Three of my favorite looks are the tie-dyed leather trench coat with the zipper collar, the tie dye treatment detail on the upper body. The refined softness of the leather allows the belt to tightly defined waistline to make the leather trench youthful and fresh. Second look is the white laser cut spiral coat, against the sunlight it cast shadows from the cutting. As a fan of animal prints, the zebra on zebra pony skin look adds a dash of vibrant eccentricity as a statement to collection. In overall use of material, there is a contrast of softness leather against light movements. As for accessories, footwear this season mark of contemporary style of footwear in a more rectangular point. The new T stand for Tod’s but also Tradition, Talent and Time is seen throughout the collection , my personal favorite is the mini leather good on waist and around wrist.