Summer Adventures with Hogan SS 2020

Just right before entering the summer adventure world of Hogan, I stopped by a 70’s inspired H86N van to disconnect from the digital world for a nice road trip ride. Casting through the cinematic landscapes where nature elements meet, the soul and mind is ready to explore Hogan SS2020. There are always surprises innovative materials for Hogan’s design. This season, I personal loved the straw slippers and sandals that’s comfortable yet luxury. The transformation of INTERACTION from white to high bold fringes and sleek details that give dash of sophistication. The 90 cm see- through t-shirt bag paired with the see- through INTERACTION is my pick for next season’s must have item. The designs of bags  brought great details into accessories of hiking outdoor ropes, denim textures for a luxury urban touch. If you are look for a more summer outdoor style, then the straw sandals are another great option. Pull out anything that matches the main colour theme of forest green, bark red, water denim-blue , rock white for a summer ready adventure.