SPRING BLOSSOMS by Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London’s Spring blossoms to take me somewhere that speaks to my heart. It’s been a rough half year, it also made me understand that it’s so important to constantly stay fresh in mind and soul in order to overcome obstacles.  Believe it or not, surround yourself with an uplifting scent can create another atmosphere for you to enjoy. My heart wants to step into the freshness to spend quality time on my own sooth my min and soul on reflective moments. A heart warming moment that rejuvenates my mind in the hectic days, I love the Waterlily & Yuja of “ Me Time” in the Nature. Even  if  its  a moment  to spend time reading by myself, I still want to  create an  orange  blossom refreshing  vibe.  A kind of luxury that we can all create at home!

Osmanthus Blossom

Feeling Loved

The warm pungent smell of Osmanthus blossom embraces you passionately. It takes you back to that amazing moment when you felt fond affection – when you were offered your favorite gift, pecked on the forehead by your beloved or simply when you had bonding time with your family.

Silk Blossom


The irresistible scent of silk tree blossom brings you all the way to the intimate, joyful chatter of heart-to-heart conversations with your best girlfriends. All the troubling times melt away as you divulge your most intimate thoughts under the swirling feminine scent.


An Escape into Nature

The crisp, invigorating scent of Yuja invites you to step into the freshness and rawness of nature, away from the clamor of the concrete jungle. It is as if the warm sun shines as you bask in the balmy days of spring, finding energy and pleasure in the calming warmth of the sun.


The ‘Me Time’

The lake stands still and serene waterlilies gently float around. You took a calming, cozy spot, spending some quality time on your own, engulfed by the heavenly scent. The pure scent of waterlily soothes your mind and soul as you spend reflective moments alone.