It’s been around half a year since I travelled, I have to be very honest , it feels surreal in a way that I don’t have the choice to travel. My suitcase has been lying in my home for a while. When it comes to couple travel, travelling to different places for leisure and work used to be a part of our living style, where it’s a time for us to refresh and recharge ourselves.   That’s why we wanted to have a getaway close to home that gives us an experience of revisiting memories from travelling aboard. The checking in hotel, rushing to the bathroom tubs, getting ready to go out to try Michelin restaurants, having  some “ME” time at spa getaways, morning breakfasts at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental has definitely made us feel like we were have a mini vacation. Lucas and I still recall the wonderful dinning experience at AMBER along with wine pairing that night, follow by a spa the next day with late breakfast.