Stylebook at Grappa’s

In the basement of Lee Garderns I have discovered Grappa’s Cellar’s interior to be a great place for stylebook inspirations. With the vintage movie posters against the red bricks, it’s a vibrant place to hang out with friends and family. Waiting for the restrictions to be over, I have come up with 4 looks around Grappa’s

In contrast with day to night, a simple Maje tweed set with a personalised matching scarf for extra layering. If you want to hang out at night time, this metallic wrapped dress will make your stand out from the red. You can add an embroidery on the waistline for extra details.
Tweed Set, Dress , Bag and Boots by Maje
Scarf and Brooch by La Broderie

Shopping List : Moschino 2907 2033 / MAJE 2871 2335/ DEJADE 5605 1885/ La Broderie 2330 2015

Location :  LG08, LG/F Lee Garden two, Causeway Bay